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Keeping a consistent level of nutrients available to your plants has many advantages.
  • A healthy plant will be the most aesthetically appealing.
  • A healthy plant will be less likely to succumb to damage from insects and diseases.
  • A healthy plant will be more successful in surviving climate changes included cold weather and drought.

The sandy soils of Manatee and Sarasota counties provide little nutrients to plants so the proper fertilization program is essential.

In addition to proper nutrition, it is important to control plant damaging insects, and in our area, we have plenty. We have insects that can devour entire lawns of grass. We have other chewing, piecing and sucking insects that can defoliate and even kill landscape plants and palms. And if that's not enough, grasses and plants in our area are susceptible to diseases. Some of the diseases are controllable, and unfortunately, others are not.

Green Thumb's licensed pest control operators use the least toxic, environmentally friendly methods of keeping you plants healthy. It's a practice known as Integrated Pest Management or I.P.M. Each program is specifically designed for your property.