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Landscape maintenance is necessary to preserve your landscape investment.
Typical landscape maintenance services include lawn mowing, shrub and palm trimming, weeding of planting beds, and clearing hard surfaces of debris generated by landscape maintenance operations.

Our technicians and operators are highly trained in their individual area of expertise. We use state of the art equipment combined with horticultural training to keep your landscaping looking its best.
The University of Florida IFAS program was created to educate the public about the proper care and maintenance of Florida plants and turf. We combine this information with our own experience so that you can be assured your landscaping is being properly maintained.

Landscape maintenance services are required to keep the landscape groomed, but these services are not sufficient to preserve your investment for the long term. Without proper irrigation, fertilization and pest control services, your landscaping will not be able to look its best. That is why Green Thumb offers all the necessary services your landscape needs.